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Facility Management

"The Integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of it's primary activites" An Intrgrated Facility Service Solution generates workflow synergies with management optimization, which creates value. The cornerstones of the UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD approch to facility management are people and processes. Motivated people and a continuous focus on processes result in cost reductions in the form of synergiesand ntegration. Integration has a positive effective effect on employee satisfication, not only for the client's staff, but for the UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD employees as well. Employee satisfication has a direct impact on the quality of services-especially in the service industry.

Experience shows that an outsourced integrated facility service model is optimal, especially for large organization. The business environment today is characterized by increasing globalization. The market environment is becoming technologically advanced and often relies on a fiexible and highly specialization workforce. This development calls for a high rate of innovaton and change readliness. Which again necessitates as a highly flexible and dynamic organizational model. Facility management Outsourcing enables an organizational model. Facility management outsourcing enables an organization to meet the ever changing needs of a global workforce-and the ups and down of today's globle economy. UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD is built on a firm foundation of local knowledge and empowerment with a strong delivery focus.

We at UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD strictly follow

  • 1. Improvement in each service area :- People,Planing and optimal solution design create efficiency and consistent high quality service
  • 2. Synergies between service area :- Cooperation,Team Spirit and Voluntary mobility across work areas enable flexibility and job satisfaction.
  • 3. Synergies between clients :- Know-how and best practices generate horizontal knowledge transfer between industries.Different clients can benefit from the same operational set up.
  • 4. Synergies which Management :- A transparent and stremlined value chain makes management more efficient and eliminated doubled up function.

Importance of Integrated Facility Services

  • Liberate your resources
  • Create employee satisfaction
  • Flexibility and quality
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Reducing Risk
  • Middile layer is eliminated to reduce risks and confusions
  • We offer a "non stop shop" concept reducing the cust cost of tendering and vendor relationship maintenance
  • All employees taken over by RIS are offered employment
  • Up-sizing or down-sizing may be affected in accordance with current customer needs