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Security Services

At UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD, Our history as a security company dates back to 2014. With over a 3 Years of Experience delivering competent, couteous service, we provide security excellence while simultaneously enhancing your overall brand and reputation. UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD security services places great emphasis on recruiting and traning qulified security Personal with the right attitude, who are motivated to make your premises a safe, secure and welcoming environment for you, your staff, and your clientele.

When recruiting new employees, we pay particular attention to their ablity to combone customer service skills with comprehensive expertise in security operations after all, they will be representing our clients to the outside world. To ensure the highest, most comprehensive level of service, we invest actively in traning our employees. We concentrate on the latestdevelopment in security technology and customer servic, while focusing intently on the individual needs of our clients regarding protection of their employees and property.

UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD Security Service offers a Wide range of service that can be flexibly combined to provide the competences you require in a singal set up. Furthermore, the UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PVT LTD concept includes incorporating security services into our overall facility management Framework, offering integrated projects and potential cost synergies-an easy and cost-effective solution many of our clients already have taken advantage of. 

Services We Provide

  • 1. ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEM DIVISION :- Designing of security systems, procurement, installation, testing and their maintenance.
    •  Here In Armed and Un-Armed guards are provides for security of banks ATMs
    •  Transportation of cash and bullion in specially designed armored vehicles.
    •  Sevices involving currency sorting and currency storage facility in vaults (as per regulations)
  • 3. COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL SECURITY :- Highly trained and dedicated security personnel are provided for industrial
  • 4. SECURITY CONSULTANCY AND EVENT MANAGEMENT :- our higly professional team helps our clients in designing a total security solution, integrating electronics, huma resources, and security procedures.

Our Service In Detail

Physical, cyber and personnel security generally remain separate in many organizations. Our holistic security methodology enables you to get a better understanding of overall organizational security risks by applying converged governance with risk management across all assets. In combination with our program and risk management expertise, this approach ensures better protection for assets, staff and information; your critical business enablers.

Cash management can be a daunting task for most commercial establishments. The responsibility requires complete accountability, quick thinking and extreme caution. It needs to be executed on a daily basis with equal amount of vigilance, alertness and preparedness. Every organization needs to ensure safe handling and storage of their cash and valuables, as even slight negligence can lead to heavy losses.

Electronic security system refers to any electronic equipment that could perform security operations like surveillance, access control, alarming or an intrusion control to a facility or an area which uses a power from mains and also a power backup like battery etc.

Organizations often lack the resources with the right skills and backgrounds to proficiently conduct a prompt, cost-effective and objective investigation. As fraud and misconduct siphons billions of dollars each year from organizations worldwide, damages reputations and puts public trust in the marketplace at risk, boards and management at all levels are obliged to rapidly get to the bottom of a matter. Our Investigation Services team works closely with member firm clients to understand investigation objectives and coordinate our approach to utilize the appropriate resources.

Security guard training programs often must be completed during the first 100 days on the job, though this requirement varies by state. Topics covered during the training programs include basic security techniques, investigations, report writing, patrolling tactics, firearm use and emergency procedures.

We are specialized in fire sprinkler design, fabrication, installation, and support as well as fire alarm design, installation and support in both the commercial and residential markets.

A bodyguard (or close protection officer) is a type of security guard or government law enforcement officer or soldier who protects a person or people — usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss.

The role of a body guard is to be a front door ambassador and they are an integral part of well functioning apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals. Body guards are there to meet the needs of the client. We provide helpful and attentive body guard staff to meet our client’s needs.

We provide a wide array of services for various buildings, business houses, malls and group housing societies. We are providing Residential Security Guard Services to our clients. These services are executed by a team of well trained personnel who are completely dedicated and reliable.

We provide armed security officers for businesses or facilities that require more extensive protection. We take the safety and security of your assets seriously, and offer fully licensed, insured, and bonded armed security services to financial institutions, industrial facilities, and more.

Retail tenants, their employees, shoppers, walkers and food court patrons all need to feel secure and welcome in your facility and safe in your parking lot or they may not return. What’s worse, an incident could prevent new customers from shopping at your facility. Shopping centers and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective shopping center security strategy, which means you need a partner with experience providing retail security solutions.  enablers.


We have trustworthy and reliable Body guard service. We value the privacy of our clients and try to give them the best security.